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 Reaching New Heights Capital Campaign 

Below is a video that beautifully outlines the nature and scope of the Reaching New Heights Capital Campaign.


Reaching New Heights Links


The following link is a link to the audio version of the Celebration Breakfast which features:the GFBC Children's Choirs; Tim Fender; Nat Chandler, Hobie Chandler, Hob Chandler, Tom Chandler, and Carley Bishop; alice Gilchrist, Stephanie Turner; and Kelly McWhorter.


The following are links to various publications produced for the Reaching New Heights Capital Campaign program.  

                Reaching New Heights Capital Campaign Project List

                Reaching New Heights Capital Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

                Reaching New Heights Capital Campaign - How Can I Make a Gift "Over and Above"?

                Reaching New Heights Newsletters

                            - Newsletter 1

                            - Newsletter 2

                            - Newsletter 3

                            - Newsletter 4