Operation Inasmuch



Our Inasmuch Day is Saturday, May 17.  Sign up begins Sunday, April 2.  Here is a list of projects so that you can begin to think and pray about how you will serve.  Regardless of what project you choose, please begin to collect the following items and bring them on Inasmuch Day:  peanut butter, jelly, grits, spaghetti sauce, canned meats, canned fruits. 



Brief Description

NEW PROJECT: Greater Greenwood United Ministry


  Painting reception areas and possibly hallway.

A Place for Us


Painting porch rails and stairs.

Baking Project/Affirmation of Public Servants


Baking cookies and delivering them to local law enforcement, firefighters, or other public servants.

Bowers Rodgers


Painting two porches

Childcare for GFBC Children


Caring for children to young to participate in activities at Connie Maxwell.

Connie Maxwell Children


Playing games/doing activities with children at Connie Maxwell.

Connie Maxwell Farm


Sprucing up the farm for Connie Maxwell’s annual reunion, GFBC older children will be assisting in this project.

Food Bank


Organizing and shelving food at the Food Bank.


Everyone participating in Operation Inasmuch is asked to bring items for the Food Bank.  Needed items include: peanut butter, jelly, grits, spaghetti sauce, canned meats (beef stew, Spam®, tuna, salmon, etc., and canned fruits (peaches, pears, pineapple, fruit cocktail).

Food Service/Lunch Delivery

Coordinating breakfast, snacks, and lunch for volunteers. Setting up food at church and delivering it to sites as needed.

Habitat for Humanity

Construction on a Habitat project

Inasmuch Choir

Singing for assisted living facilities or nursing homes.  Open to anyone who likes to sing, not just choir members.

La Puerta

Several repair projects will be done.  Also, there is a need for the La Puerta house to be re-shingled.  The                   re-shingling project will take more than one day.

Meg’s House

Preparing breakfast for residents.  (Participants may want to combine this with the Baking Project.)


Documenting the activities of each work site.

Pine Ridge Apartments

Playing bingo with residents.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Praying while knitting or crocheting shawls to be used in the Sanctuary or given to those in need of encouragement.

Project Linus

Making no sew flannel blankets for Project Linus.  One or two people also needed to sew labels onto blankets.

Replacing Floor Covering

Removing a replacing floor covering in a home.  Other minor repair jobs may also need to be done.

Sit and Chat

After a period of training, visiting nursing home residents or elderly person who are homebound.

Walker Caddies

Making caddies to be attached to walkers.  This project can be done at home prior to Inasmuch Day or a group may decide to gather at the church to work together.

Yard work

Doing needed maintenance in yard of a homebound person.


Please register below.  Please note that by participating in Operation Inasmuch, you are granting GFBC permission to take photos and videos that may be used in promotional materials.




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