Operation Inasmuch



Our Inasmuch Day is Saturday, April 28.  Sign up begins Sunday, March 25 and ends April 18.  Here is a list of projects so that you can think and pray about how you will serve.  Regardless of what project you choose, please begin to collect the following items and bring them on Inasmuch Day: canned fruit (peaches, pears, pineapple), canned vegetables (sweet potatoes, turnip greens), and canned meats (chicken, beef stew, small hams). 

Project Brief Description


(Consider doing this and another project.)

Baking cookies, brownies, etc. at home and having them at the church by 8:00 am on April 29.

Baking-Packaging and Delivery

Packaging baked goods and delivering them to local law enforcement, firefighters, or other public servants.

Bingo at Pineridge Apartments

Playing bingo with residents.


Singing for assisted living facilities or nursing homes.  Open to anyone who likes to sing, not just choir members.

Cleaning Chairs

Using upholstery cleaner to spot clean chairs in Fellowship Hall.

Edgewood Cemetery Clean-up

Picking up old artificial flowers and other debris from edge of woods at the perimeter of the cemetery.


GFBC Children


Caring for younger GBFC children who remain at church.

Accompanying and assisting older children on a project to be announced.


Landscaping at Beyond Abuse

Trimming and planting shrubs. Spreading gravel. Cutting down a small tree.


Landscaping at Connie Maxwell Church

Planting flowers and a tree.


Pathway House Project


Cleaning and reorganizing Women’s Storage Building (load and move out over-flow items for women and children over to different storage location next to future Thrift Store location)


Prayer Shawls

Crocheting or knitting prayer shawls.

Prayer Partners

Praying for Operation Inasmuch beginning immediately, with special prayer efforts on April 29, from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Pressure Washing at Bowers Rodgers

Pressure washing both facilities.


Pressure Washing at Connie Maxwell

Pressure washing the Wood building in preparation for painting.


Ramp for  Area Resident

Assembling  pre-cut wood to create a ramp.


Sit and Chat

After a period of training, visiting nursing home residents or elderly person who are homebound.

Tidying Pew Racks in Sanctuary


Making sure all pews have Bibles, hymnals, and pencils. Removing trash from Bibles, hymnals, and pew racks., Removing deteriorating rubber communion cup holders. Removing  Reaching New Heights envelopes and restocking offering envelopes.


Outside Clean-up for Area Resident


Mowing yard, removing limbs from roof, removing rotten porch rails, and hauling off debris.



Please be sure to complete the required information about breakfast. Lunch will be provided for everyone at no charge.  Breakfast (a variety of breakfast biscuits) will be available for those who requested it for $1.00 per biscuit.Please register below.

The Missions Committee would like everyone to wear an Operation Inasmuch t-shirt, especially those who will be working away from the church.  The cost is $10.00 ($12.00 for XXL, and XXXL.)   Please make checks payable to First Baptist Church.  The order will be placed on April 5.

Those participating in Operation Inasmuch are asked to bring a canned good for the Food Bank with them on April 29.

Please note that by participating in Operation Inasmuch, you are granting GFBC permission to take photos and videos that may be used in promotional materials.




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