Mission & Vision

Though Greenwood First Baptist has a long and storied history, it is not content to rest on its laurels. In 2005, the church held a six month, church-wide futuring process, deliberately seeking God’s direction.  At that time, the church adopted this mission statement:


Seeking His Heart . . . Being His Hands

Living, Loving, and Serving in the name of Christ.


Members of GFBC seek the heart of Jesus through a personal relationship with him; that, in turn, leads to our being His hands in Greenwood and beyond. Indeed, it shapes everything about our lives, how we live each day, how we love other people, and how we serve those around us, all of which we do in Jesus’ name.


Eventually the mission statement was incorporated into the following logo:




The symbols of the logo reinforce the vision of the mission statement. The cross is the central symbol of our faith and our sanctuary. The heart represents our love for God and for others, because God first loved us. The steeple represents our facility, the place we come to worship, to fellowship, and to be equipped for Christian service.


In 2008, the entire church family participated in an eight week event which combined worship and missions study. The two major emphases were helping individuals find places to serve in the church and community, and a corporate effort which eventually led to the birth of the United Center for Community Care. 


In 2009, the church adopted goals in eleven key areas, including missions, spiritual formation, commitment, and outreach.