Craig Holbrook Parham Scholarship

Craig Holbrook Parham Scholarship

The Craig Holbrook Parham Scholarship Fund of the First Baptist Church of Greenwood, SC, was established in 1986 to celebrate the life of Craig Holbrook Parham, whose life was filled with exuberance and joy in human relationships. 


Craig was an active member of First Baptist church and an enthusiastic participant in the "total church program, from sports to music and the entire range of activities for young people."  Craig was an usher, taught Sunday School, and presided as lay minister for Youth Sunday.  His love for his church, its ministers and congregation, was a reflection of his gregarious nature and his interest in his fellow man.   


The Craig Holbrook Parham Scholarship Fund was established for the sole purpose of providing scholarship assistance to students pursuing degrees from accredited theological seminary for full-time Christian service. 


The Scholarship Committee reviews every application thoroughly and prayerfully.  Awards are based on determination of need and availability of funds.  It is therefore imperative that all applications be fully completed.  Failure to fully complete the application or omission of any portion of the application will result in automatic rejection.  All Board decisions are final. There is no appeal process. 


All applicants must reapply each year; however, photographs, statement of doctrinal belief and pastoral letters of recommendation are not necessary for repeat application. 


Application deadline is April 30 of each calendar year.  Applications are to be mailed to the church.  Please note on the envelope the  Craig Holbrook Parham Scholarship.  All applicants are duly notified of Board decisions.  Awards are mailed in August and December.



Craig Holbrook Parham Scholarship Application  (PDF)

Last Published: March 25, 2009 3:05 PM