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Cherub_2First Baptist Church
722 Grace Street
Greenwood,SC 29649
(864) 229-2787

Claudia Burch, Director


The purpose of Cheerful Cherubs Preschool is to provide young children with a happy and well rounded developmental experience in a loving and caring environment. Emphasis is placed on developing a positive self image and learning to relate to other children and to adults. An additional objective is to foster readiness stills for later success in school. The teachers understand the serious nature of their responsibility and seek to help each child learn that he/she is a unique and important part of God's world. It is policy of Cheerful Cherubs Preschool to be open to all children regardless of race, religion, or national origin.


It is the goal at Cheerful Cherubs Preschool to develop the TOTAL child in order that he/she may become a well-rounded individual. Cheerful Cherubs Preschool wants to instill in each child an excitement for learning. Many different areas of interest are explored throughout the school year. A few of the areas of interest are community helpers, self, seasons, holidays, and manners. Continual interest is also placed on concepts including hand-eye coordination, large-small motor development, spatial relationships, visual-auditory perception, self-concept development, shapes, colors, letters, numbers, stories, songs, puzzles, and games.

Cheerful Cherubs Preschool uses a variety of resources for curriculum, including many resource books, The Mailbox magazine, an extensive library of children’s books, and a variety of educational websites. A variety of different activities are also used to support the concepts being taught. These include music, art, physical activities, social interaction, language art, math, science, cooking, reading, writing, field trips, and creative play. Each age group progresses and builds on concepts explored and learned from the previous year. Every day is filled with meaningful activity, lots of energy, and plenty of love and enthusiasm for learning.

Please click the appropriate link below for specific curriculum guidelines. 



One year olds through four year olds
9:00 am until 12:00 Noon
(Early drop-off begins at 8:00 am)

Two day (Age one and two only)
Three day and Five day classes available



Music Classes -- Monday
Library and Story time – Tuesday
Chapel -- Wednesday



Annual Registration Fee
Monthly Tuition
(Rates dependent on number of days)


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