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WELCOME to the website of Greenwood First Baptist Church!

We are a group of Christians committed first to Jesus and then to historic Baptist principles. Our passion for Jesus manifests itself in our worship, which is both traditional and joyful; our missions, which are both local and global; and our inclusivity, which includes accepting any form of Christian baptism and affirming both men and women as worshippers, servants, and leaders. Our commitment to Baptist heritage is seen in our participation in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and our affirmation of principles like the autonomy of the local church and the priesthood of all believers.

The previous paragraph is my attempt to communicate something of who we are, especially to folks who know nothing about us. But it does not do justice to the warmth of our church family and the joy of our faith. So please visit our church, which will give you a feel for who we are and give us the opportunity to welcome you in person!


Last Published: February 13, 2017 10:03 AM